17 - 18 November 2016

Warsaw, Poland




2 days conference on the interaction of design and development in the creation process

We will tackle issues of UX, UI, but also we will take a closer look at
the practical aspects of the collaboration between designers and programmers.




Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine

Vitaly loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. He studied computer science and mathematics in Germany, discovered passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelance designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine dedicated to design and web development. Vitaly is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing Books. He currently works as editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine.



CEO and co-founder of Avocode

Vu is the CEO and co-founder of Avocode, a collaboration platform for designers and developers. He also co-founded Made By Source, a company behind many Photoshop plugins like CSS Hat. Recently he became a member of the 500 Startups network.



Design Manager for Google Maps

Prior to joining Google, Guillermo brought a mix of creative and technical skills to Adobe, AkQA and Method. He had the privilege of creating interactive experiences for global brands including Gucci, Nike, Microsoft, Autodesk, Visa and Target. With over 10 years in the industry, his work has been recognized by The One Show, Communication Arts, FWA and Cannes Cyber Lyons, among others.
He values sharing ideas and knowledge with peers, and regularly lectures about user experience design at conferences including IxDA's Interaction 10, MAX, CSS Conf and UX Australia.


Nicolas Duval

Designer at BlaBlaCar

Nicolas has the goal to make the interface and the experience of BlaBlaCar as transparent as possible. One of his favorite subjects is to make other designers' workflow as smooth as possible. 



Co-owner of Superskrypt & Podpunkt

Emilka is an experienced graphic designer and co-owner of Podpunkt, a design studio, now branching out to digital projects. Her roots stem from print, identity design and typography. As the co-founder of the digital design agency Superskrypt, she's trying to translate this know-how to the computer screen.


Lukasz Banach

Product Lead at Codility

Lukasz is a Product Lead at Codility and a certified Scrum Product Owner with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He works on a project for the biggest IT companies in Poland (Wirtualna Polska, Grupa o2, Gemius, GoldenLine, Cordiality). Lukasz is an enthusiast of Agile approach in IT management. He loves „hack” implementation of new ideas rather than long planning. He's a huge fan of many abbreviations like MVP, KISS, UX, SEO used to grow any project. He pays much attention to details, testing and continuous improvement.



Senior Service Designer at Kwiecinski Business Advisory

Tomasz is a service designer, an innovation expert and a project manager with broad business acumen. He currently works at Kwiecinski Business Advisory, a boutique strategic design agency. Previously, he managed R&D projects and took part in diverse innovation management initiatives in the area of new financial products and services. Tomasz is currently also completing a MBA degree in Service Innovation Design at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners Of Front-End

VITALY FRIEDMAN (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

Do you love the <object> tag, too? How do you feel about perfectly responsive typographic scale and vertical rhythm? Do you feel itchy when it comes to building responsive email layouts? Have you ever tried to work around complex tables, nasty carousels, endless country selectors and complex user interfaces? Well, let’s bring it on!

In this talk, Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, will present dirty practical techniques and clever ideas developed in actual real-life projects, and use many examples to illustrate how we can solve problems smarter and faster. Please take the techniques with a grain of salt. Beware: you will not be able to unlearn what you’ll learn in the session!


Why making $100K upon a product release
is not a measure of success

VU HOANG ANH (CEO and co-founder of Avocode)

Avocode has gone through many phases which all turned out well, but it still doesn't mean they are a successful company.
Vu will share 3 biggest lessons about designing and building products that he learned on his journey.


Building a design system

NICOLAS DUVAL (Designer at BlaBlaCar)

Designers at BlaBlaCar were spending too much time on pixels and less time on crafting the best experience for their users. You'll learn how they managed to make UI a tiny fraction of the entire work of their designers.


A proposition for trust and delight

GUILLERMO TORRES (Design Manager for Google Maps)

The most successful products are those that manage to create habits out of their engagement with users. It is not enough to meet user needs, all products should be seen as a service. You must delight, build trust and delight. Designers have the talent to bring both of these to the products they design. But it is hard to prioritize it and get it built. In this talk we will discuss not only how to bring delight, but also how to evaluate its effectiveness. Techniques that will help you get it live to users.


Lost in Translation

EMILKA BOJANCZYK (Co-owner of Superskrypt & Podpunkt)

In visually ambitious web projects it's crucial for the designer and developer to work hand in hand. And yet our backgrounds are totally different—so much that at times it seems as though we speak different languages. Emilka will highlight few misunderstandings she encountered as a designer working with a dev team. Example: when designer says "align the text", this means "align the baseline" — when a developer hears it, the baseline is the last thing on her mind.


Product Owner and UX Designers
— Great Team or Just Business?

LUKASZ BANACH (Product Lead at Codility)

This presentation is dedicated to all people involved in the development processes in IT and Tech companies. Lukasz claims that good process (one that includes transparency and straightforward communication between UX, Product Owners and Development Team) is crucial to projects success (and company's too). Lukasz will share his experience gathered over last 10 years during working for biggest IT companies in different environments and methodologies. It’s not important where you’re working, your approach to other people and problem solving is what really matters.

  • What Product Owner usually does?
  • UX Team =/ Team of Designers
  • How to smoothly start and keep projects on track?
  • EVO as a transparent way to work on priorities
  • Real cooperation = close cooperation
  • Communication between Product Owners and UX Designers
  • UX Designer is a Product Owner…
  • Design sprint method as a good method to engage the Team
  • Free flow

Design of Friction

TOMASZ BIENKOWSKI (Senior Service Designer at Kwiecinski Business Advisory)

Talk will cover the "friction design" in physical goods as well as in classical and digital services. We will answer the questions of how shall we understand “friction”, measure it and design it. In other words, shall we always strive for friction reduction or perhaps there are also contexts in which friction is appropriate?





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